Torts Section – Society of Legal Scholars – Bristol

I am in Bristol to speak in the Torts Section at the Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference. I’m still not quite sure what I’ll include in my presentation … But the rest of the line-up for the next two days looks excellent:

Session 1: September 13th 11.15 – 12.45 Room 3.30

1A   Roderick Bagshaw (Oxford)
       ‘Beyond Visions: Drafting a Green Paper for the Future of Tort Law’
1B   Matthew Dyson (Cambridge),
        ‘Lessons and Learning from the Third Restatement’
1C   Annette Morris (Cardiff),
        ‘Compensation Culture Revisited: The Road Traffic Accident Exception’.

Session 2: September 13th 13.45 – 15.15 Room 3.30

2A         Sandy Steel (KCL),
              ‘ Principles of Probabilistic Liability in Tort’
2B         Sarah Fulham-McQuillan (Trinity Dublin),
              Loss of Chance in Medical Negligence:Hypothetically Probable or Possible?
2C         A McKenna (Kent),
             ‘The new mesothelioma battleground – the issue of Breach?’

Session 3 September 14th 09.30 – 11.00 Room 3.30

3A    Rosemary Tobin (Auckland),
         ‘Local Authority Liability in Tort to Owners of Defective Buildings: the New Zealand Position – Right or Wrong?’
3B    Tom Cornford (Essex),
         ‘A Refutation of some Principle-based Arguments against Public Authority Liability’
3C   Phillip Morgan (York)
        ‘Law and the Big Society – time to relook at Charitable Immunity in Tort?’

Session 4 September 14th 11.30 – 13.00 Room 3.30

4A    Paula Giliker (Bristol),
        ‘Francovich liability and the English law of torts: Has English law tamed the Eurotort?’
4B    Simon Baughen (Bristol),
        ‘International Law as Tort? The lessons of the ATS experiment’
4C    Eoin Quill (Limerick)
        ‘Towards An Analytical Methodology In Negligence’

About tortox

Teaches and researches tort law in Oxford, UK.
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